My name is Alan, owner and lead designer at Pelaez Designs.

Pelaez Designs was born in 2011, and we are going into our 5th year of life. Since 2011, Pelaez Designs has evolved into a professional business that focuses on quality, stories, and spirituality.

All of my materials are dipped in the ocean (Usually the Atlantic, or the Gulf of Mexico). I do this in order to honor my ancestors, and ask them for permission to continue my craft. Because my jewelry is influenced by the African Diaspora and Mexican culture, dipping my materials in the ocean allows for me to read the energies I receive, and if something does not feel right, I know that I do not have permission to proceed, and move on to the next design.

Each Pelaez Designs piece comes with a story, and I advice that you reflect on each description, and if it calls you, to purchase it. The jewelry is not only about how it looks, but about what it says, who it represents, and the political message it is portraying.

If you see something you like, but want it tweaked, please use the "Contact" page, and send us a message, and we will gladly adjust the piece to your liking.

Peace and Love